Useful Links

Please find below a list of my Harmonica friends:

The Harmonica Company - leading UK online retailer, very nice, helpful bunch of guys!
The National Harmonica League of the UK. - Excellent state-side harmonica seller, distributor and maker of custom coverplates. - Richard Taylor, one of the UK's finest harmonica teachers and players. - Ben Hewlett, writer of excellent harmonica tuition, Chairman of the NHL. - Our sister T Shirt store with lots of random designer tees.
Harmonica-tees Blog - Opinions and observations on playing the world's biggest selling instrument.
Pinegrove Leather - Maker of finely crafted harmonica pouches, cases and accessories.
Doves Clothing Co - Superb  garment decorators to the trade and printers of the initial run of Harmonica-tees.
Marko Balland - Harmonica-tees first official endorsee from France, incredible sound. - A great range of harmonica customising and accessories. - A nexus of Harmonica information on one site.
Band Mate T Shirts - Do you play in a band? Is there banter amoungst bandmates?
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